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About Us

Welcome to StrangeBooks! 

I’m delighted to share my passion for books with you through my collection of secondhand treasures. As a fellow book lover, I understand the thrill of discovering your next great read and the uncertainty that sometimes comes with buying books online.

In 2023, I started StrangeBooks because I was frustrated with not knowing exactly what I was getting when I bought secondhand books online. I wanted to change that. That’s why I personally photograph every single book that I offer, making sure you can see every detail—from slight creases to small tears—before you make your purchase.

Running StrangeBooks is a one-person operation fueled by my love for books and a commitment to honesty and transparency. My goal is to make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable, ensuring you’re completely happy with your purchase.

So why wait? Browse through my collection today and discover your next favorite read with confidence. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me!

While we photograph each book to show you every detail, we also provide a grading system for a quick overview of their quality. Here’s how we grade our books:

These do not appear in our store very often as we sell secondhand books, but occasionally one will come in. A book in a “new” condition is one that has never been read and is completely unused. It would have no signs of wear and tear, including no marks, creases, or scratches on the cover or spine. The pages would be completely clean, without any signs of yellowing or stains. The binding would be tight, and the book would lay flat when opened, indicating that it has not been previously opened or used. Additionally, a new book would be completely free of any writing, underlining, or highlighting. Overall, a book in new condition would be in perfect condition and would be considered the highest quality copy of a particular book.

Like New is very close to the above “New” condition, however, the book may have been opened and read. There are, however, no defects to the book, its jacket or the pages. 

A book in very good condition would typically be clean, without any major signs of wear and tear. Its spine would be uncreased or only slightly creased, and the cover would be free of significant scratches or marks. The pages would be crisp and clean, with no stains or discolouration. It would appear as if the book has been well-maintained and handled with care. Any minor defects would be outlined in the books description along with a photograph to show said defect.

A book in good condition would typically show some signs of wear and tear, but it would still be readable and structurally sound. Its cover may have minor creases, scratches, or marks, but it would not be severely damaged. The spine may have some creases or slight wear, but it would still be intact and not falling apart. The pages may have some slight discolouration or yellowing, but they would not be torn or missing any content. Overall, a book in good condition would be considered used, but it would still have plenty of life left in it. Any defects would be mentioned in the books description along with a photograph showing said defect.

A book in poor condition would typically have extensive wear and tear, but would still be fully intact and readable. Its cover may be torn, heavily creased, or missing, and the spine may be broken or partially detached. The pages may be torn, and there may be significant staining, mould, or discolouration throughout the book. All defects would be listed on the books description and would be accompanied with photographs