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Welcome to my blog where I share my passion for secondhand books and the joy of finding hidden treasures in dusty old book shops.

In addition to selling secondhand books, I also write about my experiences exploring the world of used books, including tips on where to find them, how to care for them, and how to build your own collection. So join me on this adventure as we discover the wonders of secondhand books together.

I can also be found on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter!

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  • Personalised Book Spotting Service
    Discover your next treasured read with us. Simply share your dream book list through our website, and let us do the searching for you. Get personalised matches from our unique collection, including rare finds, nostalgic series, and more.
  • January Theme – Classics
    As the new year dawns, bringing with it the crisp chill of January, there’s something inherently comforting and enriching about delving into the world of classic literature. At StrangeBooks, we believe that starting your year with a classic book is not just a reading choice—it’s… Read more: January Theme – Classics
  • How do you save your page?
    When it comes to reading, everyone has their own preferences. Some people prefer to read on digital devices, while others love the feel of a physical book in their hands. Similarly, there are various ways to mark your place in a book. Dog-earing might be… Read more: How do you save your page?
  • What to do with old damaged books.
    Old books are a treasure trove of knowledge, history, and stories that have been passed down for generations. But as much as we love them, they can sometimes become damaged, broken, or can fall apart. What can we do with them?
  • The Future of Secondhand Book Selling
    Secondhand book selling has always been a niche market, with a loyal customer base of book lovers who appreciate the value of used books. In recent years, however, the market for secondhand books has grown significantly, thanks in part to the rise of online marketplaces and the growing awareness of the environmental benefits of buying used. So, what does the future hold for secondhand book selling? Here are some trends to keep an eye on…