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Three Men in a Float

Three men and their milk float set out across England on an epic journey

After planning the entire trip on the back of a beer mat, buying a 1958 decommissioned milk float on eBay and charging its tired batteries, the team set off from Lowestoft to Land’s End. On the way. they discovered that their float needed to charge for eight hours for every two hours it spent on the road. Relying on the milk of human kindness, they were at the mercy of strangers every night, sometimes even using other people’s cookers just to keep the show on the road. En route, they were treated to tea and rock cakes by the vice president of the WI, succeeded in blacking out a Cornish campsite whilst charging their float (now dubbed ‘The Mighty One’), stayed with the monks at Buckfast Abbey where they undertook a vow of silence, and drove five hundred miles to Tintagel (the birthplace of King Arthur), only to find it was closed – all in the name of discovering lost England.

You may be thinking: why on earth don’t these men drive a car like normal people? But this is no ordinary journey. This is an eccentric odyssey through the English countryside. Three Men in a Float is about all things English and the pleasure to be had it you are prepared to slow down, get out of your car and go off the beaten track.

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