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February theme – romance

Embrace the Month of Love with a Romantic Escape at StrangeBooks! This February, we're celebrating the heartwarming allure of romance novels. Lose yourself in tales of passion, love, and heartache, and discover stories that resonate with the power of emotion. From the star-crossed lovers of classical literature to the modern-day romances that tug at the heartstrings, our collection is a tribute to the enduring charm of love stories.

To add a touch of sweetness to your reading, enjoy a special 10% discount on all romance books throughout the month. Whether you're indulging in a classic love story or falling for a contemporary romance, find your perfect match in our lovingly curated collection. Begin your 2024 with a journey through love and let these tales of romance warm your heart this February!
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For Crystal Wyatt, growing up on a ranch in Northern California, Hollywood seems a million miles away. Yether captivating beauty singles her out, and her enchanting voice launches her into longed-for stardom. Neither rope, nor murder, nor the darkest scandals could keep her star from rising – even as it leads her away from the man she loves.

For Spencer Hill, Crystal is a haunting but unattainable vision. For as his career as a high-powered Washington lawyer takes off, he is trapped by unbreakable professional, family and social ties. Yet even as his star rises in the exalted politica world of the Kennedys, his vision never fades. But attaining it could cost him everything he has worked so hard to achieve… Separated by their different worlds, both Crystal and Spencer find out what it really means to follow – and to become a star.

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