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Celebrate the Festive Cheer: Christmas Extended!

Ho, ho, hold the sleigh! Our festive "Christmas" theme was so full of cheer, we've decided to keep the holiday spirit alive throughout December! Yes, that's right, more time for mistletoe, mince pies, and of course, magical Christmas reads. As a special treat, our 10% discount on all themed books is sticking around too, like the last stubborn snowflake on a Christmas jumper.

Dive into our winter wonderland of heartwarming classics and yuletide stories that will light up your December days like a Christmas tree. Whether you're curling up by the fire or sneaking in a chapter between festive feasts, we've got the books to make your holiday season even merrier.
An image of a book by Jo Bartlett - A Winter's Wish for the Cornish Midwife

A Winter’s Wish for the Cornish Midwife

As winter descends on the coastal town of Port Agnes, midwife Toni Samuels’ mood is as dark as the winter clouds. Toni loves her job as a midwife, but her private life is falling apart as she is hiding her relationship with fellow male midwife Bobby..

Bobby is a huge hit at the midwifery centre, but he’s tired of keeping his feelings for Toni a secret. He knows that her past is painful, but unless she can be open with her feelings he’s prepared to walk away from their love…

When fate hands Toni one last chance, will she be brave enough to make her dreams come true?

Theme Price: £2.50 £2.25

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