After the Rain - Lucy Dillon



First, the clouds…

Tara Hunter is a therapist on a mission to restore

Longhampton’s community spirit after catastrophic flooding.

But with her boyfriend AWOL, her family fragmented, and only a cat to talk to, Tara’s own life is crumbling.

Then the storm…

On top of everything, Tara’s father – last seen as he walked out on her when she was ten years old – is suddenly back, with a surprising offer that could change everything.

But after the rain..

Dr David Dalloway is Longhampton’s new counsellor, with an infuriating knack for reading people’s minds – the last thing Tara needs right now. But he’s charming, caring and excellent at his job.

Could this be Tara’s chance for a fresh start?

Or is there a bigger storm on the horizon?

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After the Rain by Lucy Dillon.

In a very good condition with only slight creasing to the spine and a tiny amount of creasing on the cover. See photographs for details.

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Lucy Dillon