May Theme – Travel

May Theme, Travel

Discover the World Through Books: May’s Travel Theme at StrangeBooks

At StrangeBooks, we’ve always believed that reading is not just a pastime, but a journey. This May, we’re excited to take you on literal journeys with our travel-themed book selections. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who dreams of exploring new places from the comfort of your home, our collection promises adventures from some of the most engaging travel writers out there. Let’s explore the works of Bill Bryson, William Dalrymple, Victoria Hislop, and Michael Palin — each offering unique perspectives on the world.

Bill Bryson: The Humorous Wayfarer

When it comes to travel literature, Bill Bryson is a household name, known for his witty, insightful, and often hilarious accounts of his explorations. A standout in his travelogues is “A Walk in the Woods,” where Bryson takes us along the Appalachian Trail. The book is not just about the challenges and quirks of the trail itself, but also a profound discussion on the history and ecology of the regions he passes through. Bryson’s ability to transform a simple walk into an epic narrative full of humor and reflection makes him a perfect start to our travel-themed month.

William Dalrymple: The Cultural Historian

Next on our journey is William Dalrymple, a writer who delves deep into the heart of history and culture. His book, “In Xanadu,” traces Marco Polo’s path from Jerusalem to Mongolia, offering a rich tapestry of history intertwined with personal experiences. Dalrymple’s work is a compelling mix of travel, history, and storytelling, ideal for readers who enjoy depth and detail in their travel narratives.

Victoria Hislop: Stories from the Mediterranean

Victoria Hislop is renowned for her ability to bring the history and culture of the Mediterranean to life through her novels. In “The Island,” Hislop transports readers to Crete, where she unfolds a family saga set against the backdrop of the small island of Spinalonga, Greece’s former leper colony. Her vivid descriptions and emotional depth invite readers not just to visit different places, but to feel them deeply and understand their pasts.

Michael Palin: The Adventurous Globe-Trotter

Rounding out our list is Michael Palin, whose globe-trotting adventures have been delightfully documented through both his books and television series. In “Sahara,” Palin takes us across the vast and varied landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Through his journey, he encounters the diverse cultures and challenging environments of this expansive region, capturing the essence of the desert and its people with his characteristic charm and curiosity. Palin’s engaging narrative style and adventurous spirit make his works a joy for any travel enthusiast.

Join Us on a Literary Expedition

This month, as you browse through our curated selections at StrangeBooks, we invite you to lose yourself in distant places, meet intriguing characters, and experience the vast beauty of the globe through the eyes of these master storytellers. Whether it’s walking a trail, exploring ancient roads, uncovering the layers of small communities, or circling the globe, each book promises to be a portal to new experiences and insights.

Explore our travel-themed collection online at and take advantage of an automatic 10% discount on all relevant books. Discover your next great adventure with us and enjoy happy travels through the pages! For a complete list of books included in this offer, please click here

Postal Price Increase

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As Royal Mail has updated its pricing, we’ve adjusted our rates to align with these changes. For books that qualify as Large Letter size, the shipping cost will remain unchanged at £2.70. For larger and heavier books, shipping rates will now be either £3.39 or £6.59, based on the book’s size and weight. Rest assured, all orders will continue to be dispatched using Royal Mail 48 tracking for reliable and timely delivery.

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April Theme: Humour!

April Theme - Humour

April Showers Bring Humorous Hours: Discover Your Next Laugh at Strangebooks!

This April, at StrangeBooks, we’re embracing the lighter side of literature by celebrating books brimming with humour! All month long, we’re offering a special treat for our readers: an automatic 10% discount on all books that tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re into witty narratives, comedic memoirs, or laugh-out-loud fiction, it’s the perfect time to add some joy to your bookshelf.

Why Humour in Books?

Humour has a unique way of connecting people, transcending barriers, and illuminating the quirks of life. In literature, it offers a lens through which we can explore the complexities of our world while enjoying a good chuckle. From satirical insights to light-hearted escapades, humorous books provide a delightful escape, stimulate our minds, and even improve our health by reducing stress.

Featured Authors and Their Works

At Strangebooks, we take pride in our eclectic and expansive collection of books that promise a good laugh. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on a handful of authors who masterfully blend humour with storytelling. While these writers come from diverse backgrounds and offer different flavours of comedy, they all share the ability to enchant readers with their wit and charm. Below is a glimpse of some of the humorous literary geniuses whose works you’ll find in our collection this April.

Alexander McCall Smith: Known for his profound wit and charming narratives, McCall Smith’s series like “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” offers a gentle, funny take on life’s peculiarities.

Bill Bryson: With his sharp wit and keen observations, Bryson turns the mundane into the extraordinary. Books like “A Walk in the Woods” showcase his ability to find humour in the most unexpected places.

James Herriot: Capturing the heartwarming and often hilarious experiences of a country vet, Herriot’s tales in “All Creatures Great and Small” are an enduring testament to the joys and challenges of veterinary life.

Marian Keyes: A maestro of humour and heart, Keyes’s novels, such as “Watermelon,” present life’s trials and triumphs with hilarity and warmth, making her a favourite in humourous fiction.

Sophie Kinsella: Kinsella’s knack for creating relatable, endearing characters shines in her “Shopaholic” series, where humour meets the highs and lows of retail therapy.

How to Avail the Discount

Indulging in humour has never been easier or more affordable! Our 10% discount is automatically applied to any humour-themed book you pick this April. Simply browse our collection, select your next humourous read, no codes, no fuss!

As the days grow longer and the laughter louder, there’s no better companion than a book that makes you smile. This April, let StrangeBooks be your go-to destination for all things funny. Dive into our diverse collection, enjoy the savings, and perhaps discover your new favourite author. After all, laughter is just a page flip away!

March Theme – Historical Novels

Theme of the month History Novels

As the pages of the calendar turn to March, we embark on a journey back in time with our theme of the month: historical novels. There’s something profoundly captivating about delving into the intricacies of past lives and events through the art of storytelling. This month, we’re not only inviting you to explore these rich narratives but also offering an exclusive treat: a 10% discount on all books within this enthralling theme. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of historical fiction or curious to explore this genre for the first time, March promises a collection that’s both diverse and immersive, with each tale whisked away on the wings of history.

The Appeal of Historical Novels

Historical novels serve as a time machine, transporting readers to distant eras and places, from the bustling streets of ancient Rome to the court intrigues of the Tudor dynasty. They offer a unique blend of education and entertainment, where factual history and creative storytelling intertwine to breathe life into the characters and events that shaped our world. It’s this fusion that captivates readers, allowing them to experience history not as a static record of facts but as a living, breathing world. Through the eyes of the characters, we witness the human emotions and complexities that lie behind the dates and events recorded in history books, making the past resonate with us on a personal level.

Top Picks for March: Celebrated Historical Novelists

During March, take a journey through time with historical novels, featuring works from some of the genre’s most celebrated authors. Here’s a closer look at the novelists whose stories have captivated millions:

  • Wilbur Smith: With a writing career that spanned over half a century, Wilbur Smith became synonymous with riveting historical fiction set against the backdrop of the African continent. His novels, rich with adventure and the complexities of the human spirit, bring to life the vibrant history, landscapes, and cultures of Africa. From the ancient Egyptian series to the Courtney and Ballantyne series, Smith’s work is a testament to his deep love for the continent and its storytelling tradition.
  • Ken Follett: Best known for his meticulously researched historical novels, Ken Follett has a gift for weaving intricate plots set against some of history’s most pivotal moments. His Kingsbridge series, starting with “The Pillars of the Earth,” transports readers to medieval England, while “The Century Trilogy” spans the major events of the twentieth century through the eyes of five interrelated families. Follett’s ability to blend factual history with compelling narrative has made him a favourite among readers of historical fiction.
  • Robert Harris: With a keen interest in the political and social intricacies of different historical periods, Robert Harris crafts novels that are as thought-provoking as they are suspenseful. From the explosive intrigue of ancient Rome in “Pompeii” and “Imperium” to the chilling alternate history of “Fatherland,” Harris’s works explore the depths of power, betrayal, and the human condition, making him a master of the historical thriller genre.
  • Philippa Gregory: Renowned for her novels set during the Tudor period, Philippa Gregory brings the stories of historical women to the forefront, offering a fresh perspective on the events that shaped England. Her best-selling novels, including “The Other Boleyn Girl” and “The Queen’s Fool,” delve into the lives, loves, and political manoeuvres of the Tudor court, blending meticulous research with vivid storytelling. Gregory’s work has not only entertained millions but also sparked a renewed interest in the complexities of Tudor history.

The Importance of Historical Fiction in Literature

Historical fiction does more than just tell stories set in the past; it opens a dialogue between the past and the present, allowing us to see how far we’ve come and how the themes of human nature remain constant. These novels give context to our current world, helping us understand the cultural, social, and political dynamics that have shaped society. They offer a reflection on contemporary issues through the lens of history, providing a deeper understanding of humanity’s perennial struggles and achievements.

Furthermore, historical novels enrich our appreciation of history by adding depth and colour to the skeletal framework of dates and events. They remind us that history was lived by real people, with emotions, dreams, and fears similar to our own. This connection fosters empathy and a deeper understanding of different cultures and eras.

As we celebrate historical novels this March, we invite you to explore the stories that bridge the gap between then and now, offering insights into the human experience through the ages. With our special 10% discount, there’s never been a better time to discover or deepen your love for historical fiction. Whether you’re drawn to the intrigue of ancient empires, the drama of the high seas, or the tumult of the twentieth century, our selection promises a journey through time that’s both enlightening and profoundly moving. Embark on your historical adventure today, and let the past inspire your present.

February Theme – Romance

An image of a woman sat in chair surrounded by romantic imagery. She is reading an assumed romance novel.

Hello, fellow book enthusiasts!

February is here, bringing with it the magic of love and the promise of cozy, romantic evenings. At StrangeBooks, we’re celebrating the month of love with an ode to romance literature. Whether you are a lifelong fan of heart-stirring tales or just looking to dabble in the genre, our collection offers something to make every heart beat a little faster.

A World of Romance Awaits

Dive into our diverse range of romance novels, where love stories come alive. Wander through the timeless worlds created by Jane Austen, feel the contemporary pulse of Katie Fforde’s narratives, or get lost in the intense sagas penned by Danielle Steel. Our shelves offer a journey through various facets of love, from classic courtships to modern-day romances.

Celebrate Love with a Special Offer

To make your reading experience even more delightful, we’re offering a special 10% discount on all romance books throughout February. This automatic discount at checkout is our way of spreading the love! It’s the perfect excuse to stock up on your favorite romantic titles or explore new ones.

Romance for Everyone

Our collection celebrates the breadth of the romance genre. Whether you prefer historical romance that transports you back in time, contemporary tales that resonate with today’s world, or romantic thrillers that add a bit of edge to your reading, we have it all. And for those who adore classic love stories, our selection will not disappoint.

Love Beyond Words

At StrangeBooks, we believe that the essence of romance extends beyond the pages. It’s about the joy of discovering a new favorite book, the warmth of gifting a novel to a loved one, or the simple pleasure of reading a beautiful story. Let’s honor the power of love and literature together this February.

Visit us at to explore our romantic collection and find your next great love story. February is the month to fall in love with a book, and we’re here to make that happen with a touch of magic from StrangeBooks.

Happy reading and a very romantic February to all!

Warm wishes, The StrangeBooks Team

Personalised Book Spotting Service

A man in standing next to a haystack of books holding a magnifying glass

Find Your Next Treasured Read with Our Personalised Book Spotting Service!

Here at StrangeBooks, we strive to be more than just a secondhand bookshop, we want to be the trusty sidekick in your reading adventure.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a new chapter in our journey: our Personalised Book Spotting Service!

How Does It Work?

We’ve all spent hours searching for a specific book, series, or work by a particular author? Perhaps they’re out of print, or we want the right edition to match with those we’ve already got nestled on the shelf, or maybe we just want too many books to be able to stretch to new editions of every title!

That’s why we’ve launched a service where we will keep an eye out for you. Email us your requirements, as specific and as fussy as you like! Whether it’s a first edition, a nostalgic series from your childhood, or works by an obscure author, just send us the details, and we’ll add them to our special lookout list.

The Matching Process

Then, whenever new stock arrives in our collection, as we meticulously comb through it, we put you first. Any book that we find that that matches with your requests, we’ll put to one side to make sure you don’t miss out. We consider everything from the edition to the condition, and try to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Notification and Reservation

When we find a match, you’ll be the first to know! We’ll send you an email notification with the details and photos of the book, so you can see exactly what you’re getting. This way, you can appreciate the book’s condition before making your decision. From there, you’ll have seven days to confirm if you’d like to purchase it. During this period, we reserve the book exclusively for you, so there’s no rush – just time to decide if it’s the right addition to your collection.

What Happens Next?

If you want the book, we’ll proceed with the regular purchase process, and get it to you as soon as we can. If, however, you decide it’s not for you, we’ll release the book for general sale, giving our readers a chance to buy it.

Why Choose Our Book Spotting Service?

We’re always getting new and interesting stock through the door, and so it’s like having a personal book scout looking out for exactly the titles you’re after.. plus, of course, it’s a free service!

We’re thrilled to offer this personalised service to our beloved book community. It’s another part of our mission to help second hand books find their next reader and continue their story.

Ready to start your book hunt? Email us at [email protected] with your book requests. Include as much detail as possible – the more we know, the better we can search for you. Questions? Feel free to reach out. Happy reading, and here’s to finding your next treasured book at StrangeBooks!

January Theme – Classics

January Theme - Classics

As the new year dawns, bringing with it the crisp chill of January, there’s something inherently comforting and enriching about delving into the world of classic literature. At StrangeBooks, we believe that starting your year with a classic book is not just a reading choice—it’s an experience, a journey back in time, and an exploration of ideas and narratives that have stood the test of time.

Classic literature encompasses works that have been admired and revisited through generations. These stories have shaped and been shaped by the societies in which they were written, offering us a window into different eras, cultures, and mindsets. From the intricate social tapestry of Jane Austen’s England to the existential musings of Dostoevsky’s Russia, classics provide a rich tapestry of human experience.

January, often seen as a month of new beginnings and reflections, is the perfect time to engage with these timeless narratives. The quiet post-holiday period offers a unique opportunity to slow down and immerse oneself in the depth and intricacy of classical literature. It’s a time to reflect on the past and ponder the future, and what better way to do this than through the enduring wisdom of classic books?

There’s also a certain cosiness in reading classics during the colder months. Picture yourself curled up with a well-loved copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’ or ‘Great Expectations,’ as the winter wind howls outside. Classics offer a sense of comfort, a connection to a world that feels both familiar and new.

Classics also play a crucial role in broadening our perspectives. They challenge us to think, feel, and question. As we step into the new year, it’s a valuable exercise to engage with these diverse viewpoints and narratives, allowing us to grow and expand our understanding of the world.

Finally, reading classics in January can be a communal experience. Whether it’s through book clubs, online forums, or discussions with friends, diving into these books together can create a shared journey of discovery and insight. At StrangeBooks, we encourage readers to connect and share their experiences as they explore these timeless works.

To celebrate this journey into classic literature, StrangeBooks is excited to offer a special promotion for the month of January. Enjoy a 10% discount on all classic books! It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on those timeless works you’ve been meaning to read or to discover new favourites.

November and December Theme – Christmas

Santa sat in a chair reading while surrounded by books

The holiday season is a time of year that’s cherished by many. As the leaves fall and the air turns crisp, there’s something enchanting about the approaching festivities. The aroma of freshly baked cookies, twinkling lights adorning houses and trees, and the joyous melodies of carollers all signal the arrival of Christmas. What better way to embrace the magic of the season than by cozying up with a heartwarming Christmas-themed book? At StrangeBooks, we’re excited to announce that November is all about spreading the holiday cheer with our special Christmas-themed collection.

Christmas-themed books have the unique ability to transport us back to cherished memories of our past. These stories hold a special place in our hearts, bringing back the warmth of tradition and the nostalgia of Christmases gone by. Whether it’s Charles Dickens’ timeless classic, “A Christmas Carol,” or modern gems like “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg, these books capture the very essence of the holiday season.

One of the remarkable things about Christmas-themed books is that they often revolve around universal themes such as love, kindness, and redemption. These heartwarming stories remind us of the importance of family, friendship, and the joy of giving. They serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, a little bit of holiday spirit can go a long way. In a world that sometimes seems tumultuous, these tales offer a respite and a sense of hope.

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, there’s something undeniably comforting about escaping into a good book. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can be overwhelming, but curling up with a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and a Christmas-themed novel is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the coziness of a well-told story, where the worries of the world can temporarily fade away, leaving you with a heart full of the holiday spirit.

And don’t forget, throughout November, all Christmas-themed books are available with a 10% discount, making it even cosier and more affordable to enjoy the magic of the season. This special offer ensures that you can share the joy of these heartwarming tales with your loved ones, making them perfect gifts for the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to start a new family tradition or simply savour the magic of Christmas, these books offer a delightful escape into the world of holiday wonder.

So, this holiday season, let the pages of these Christmas-themed books become your ticket to a world of tradition, joy, and the magic of the season. From classic tales to contemporary gems, there’s a book for everyone to enjoy. At StrangeBooks, we invite you to embrace the warmth, love, and cheer of the holidays through the power of literature.

For a full list of the books included in the offer, please click here.

October Theme – Horror, Ghosts and the Supernatural

Ghostly figure in an old, dusty library

Chilling Tales: Books That Haunt and Delve into the Supernatural.


The world of supernatural literature is a realm where reality and the unknown seamlessly intertwine, casting an eerie and captivating spell on readers. It’s a genre that has enchanted and chilled generations with its ability to explore the unexplained, the otherworldly, and the inexplicable. Supernatural literature invites us to venture beyond the ordinary, to tread the shadowy paths where ghosts, monsters, and all things eerie lurk.

At its core, the supernatural genre challenges our perceptions of reality and delves into the mysteries of the human psyche. It taps into our deepest fears and fascinations, offering a unique blend of horror, wonder, and mysticism. Whether it’s the classic tales of Gothic horror, the modern psychological thrillers, or the dark fantasies filled with creatures from the netherworld, supernatural literature has an allure that transcends time and culture. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a journey through the haunted corridors of this literary genre, exploring its defining characteristics, its evolution over the years, and a selection of chilling tales that will keep you up at night. So, if you’re ready to unlock the door to a world where the supernatural reigns supreme, join us as we peer into the abyss of chilling tales and books that haunt the imagination.

What Defines Supernatural Books

Supernatural books are a distinctive breed within the realm of literature, characterised by their ability to blur the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary. At their core, these books introduce elements that challenge the natural order, weaving a tapestry of mystery, wonder, and sometimes terror. What defines supernatural literature is its inherent exploration of the unexplained, the paranormal, and the mystical. It invites readers to suspend their disbelief and journey into worlds where the laws of nature no longer apply.

One of the defining features of these novels is the presence of supernatural beings or phenomena. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, and other supernatural entities often take centre stage, casting an eerie and captivating spell on the narrative. These creatures serve as conduits for exploring themes of life, death, immortality, and the boundaries of existence. Whether they are malevolent spirits haunting old mansions or benevolent supernatural beings guiding protagonists through trials, these entities add depth and intrigue to the story.

Another hallmark of supernatural literature is its emphasis on the unknown and the unexplained. These books delve into the mysteries that lie just beyond the realm of human understanding. They raise questions about the afterlife, the existence of parallel dimensions, and the limits of human perception. By doing so, supernatural books encourage readers to confront the limits of their own knowledge and beliefs, making them an intellectual and emotional journey into the uncharted territories of the human experience.

Supernatural literature often incorporates elements of fear and suspense. It plays on our primal instincts and taps into our deepest fears, generating a sense of unease that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The anticipation of encountering the supernatural, the eerie atmospheres, and the tension that builds as the narrative unfolds all contribute to the genre’s unique appeal. In essence, supernatural books are a blend of the enigmatic, the uncanny, and the terrifying, making them a captivating and enduring genre that continues to haunt and enthral readers of all ages.

The Psychology of Fear

One of the most intriguing aspects of supernatural literature is its profound ability to evoke fear and fascination simultaneously. Delving into the psychology of fear within this genre unveils a complex interplay of emotions, instincts, and intellectual curiosity. To understand why we are drawn to the spine-tingling narratives of supernatural books, it’s essential to explore the depths of our psyche.

At its core, fear is an ancient and primal response that has evolved to protect us from threats. It triggers the release of adrenaline, sharpening our senses and preparing our bodies for a fight-or-flight response. In the context of supernatural literature, this instinctual reaction is harnessed and artfully manipulated by authors. They craft narratives that tap into our deepest fears and anxieties, whether it’s the fear of the unknown, the fear of death, or the fear of the supernatural itself. By doing so, these authors create a visceral and unforgettable reading experience.

Fear is not solely a negative emotion; it can also be exhilarating. Many readers are drawn to the genre precisely because it offers a controlled and safe environment in which to confront their fears. The thrill of being scared, while knowing that they are ultimately safe, can be immensely enjoyable. It’s akin to riding a roller coaster or watching a suspenseful movie—it’s an adrenaline rush that leaves us craving more. The psychology of fear in supernatural literature provides an opportunity for readers to explore their own boundaries and test the limits of their courage.

Moreover, fear in literature often serves as a powerful metaphor for deeper, existential questions. It allows us to grapple with concepts such as mortality, the afterlife, and the mysteries of the universe. By confronting these existential fears through the lens of supernatural fiction, readers gain insights into the human condition and the nature of our existence. In this way, supernatural literature not only entertains but also challenges us to confront the profound questions that have haunted humanity for centuries.

The psychology of fear in supernatural literature is a multifaceted phenomenon. It taps into our primal instincts, provides a safe arena for thrilling experiences, and serves as a vehicle for exploring profound existential themes. It is this intricate interplay of emotions and intellectual exploration that makes supernatural literature a timeless and enduring genre, continually captivating readers with its ability to elicit fear and fascination in equal measure.

Reading for a Spine-Tingling Experience

To truly immerse yourself in the world of supernatural literature, consider these key tips. First, choose a sub-genre that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s classic horror, modern fantasy, or a unique blend of elements. Then, set the mood by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and playing eerie background music to enhance the atmosphere. Allow yourself to embrace the unknown and the unexplained as you read, letting the narrative’s mysteries captivate your imagination.

Additionally, remember to savour the suspense within the story, relishing in the tension as it gradually unfolds. Engage with fellow enthusiasts through book clubs or online forums to share your experiences and insights. Lastly, while supernatural literature can be thrilling, balance your reading with other genres to keep your literary journey diverse and enjoyable. In doing so, you can fully appreciate the spine-tingling world of supernatural books while maintaining an open mind to explore new ideas and interpretations.

Who and what to read

In the rich tapestry of horror and supernatural literature, certain authors have risen to legendary status, leaving an indelible mark on the genre. These masters of the macabre have crafted stories that continue to haunt our dreams and challenge our perceptions. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge some of the top authors who have shaped the world of horror and the supernatural:

1. Stephen King: Often referred to as the “King of Horror,” Stephen King has an unmatched ability to tap into our deepest fears and anxieties. With a vast library of works that includes “The Shining,” “It,” and “Carrie,” King’s storytelling prowess has solidified his place in literary history.

2. H.P. Lovecraft: Known for his cosmic horror and the creation of the Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraft’s influence on the genre cannot be overstated. His stories, such as “The Call of Cthulhu” and “At the Mountains of Madness,” explore the insignificance of humanity in the face of unimaginable cosmic horrors.

3. Edgar Allan Poe: The master of Gothic horror and dark poetry, Poe’s tales of madness and the macabre, including “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher,” have left an enduring legacy in the world of literature.

4. Clive Barker: With a talent for blending horror and dark fantasy, Barker has given us works like “Hellraiser” and “Books of Blood” that push the boundaries of the genre and explore the depths of human desire and the supernatural.

5. Shirley Jackson: Jackson’s haunting and psychologically driven narratives, such as “The Haunting of Hill House” and “We Have Always Lived in the Castle,” have earned her a place as one of the most influential female authors in the horror genre.

6. Anne Rice: Renowned for her “The Vampire Chronicles” series, which includes “Interview with the Vampire,” Anne Rice revitalised vampire literature by delving into the complex lives and emotions of her immortal characters.

7. Dean R. Koontz: With a knack for blending suspense, thriller, and supernatural elements, Koontz has created a diverse body of work, including “Intensity” and “Watchers,” that keeps readers hooked with its gripping narratives.

8. Mary Shelley: As the author of the iconic “Frankenstein,” Shelley’s exploration of science, morality, and the consequences of playing god laid the foundation for science fiction and Gothic horror.

These authors, among others, have shaped the horror and supernatural genres, each contributing their unique perspectives and storytelling talents. As you explore the chilling tales and supernatural wonders within the pages of their works, remember that it’s their dedication to the craft that has made them legends in the realm of the eerie and unexplained.


In closing, as we conclude our exploration of the captivating world of supernatural literature, we hope this journey has kindled your fascination for the mysterious, the eerie, and the unexplained. These books, with their ability to blur the lines between the ordinary and the extraordinary, have a timeless allure that continues to enchant readers across generations.

We’re excited to announce that the theme of the month at StrangeBooks, is none other than “Horror, ghosts and the Supernatural” As part of this special theme, any supernatural books purchased this month will come with an additional 10% discount. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore the haunting classics, contemporary chilling tales, and dark fantasies that we’ve discussed in this post. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or just beginning to dip your toes into the supernatural waters, StrangeBooks has an enticing selection to offer, each book promising to transport you to realms of wonder and fear.

So, if you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of supernatural literature or add to your collection of chilling tales, don’t miss this chance to enjoy both the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of saving. Embrace the unknown, lose yourself in the eerie atmospheres, and let the mysteries of supernatural books enchant your mind. Happy reading!

Recommended Reading List

(From books currently available at StrangeBooks at the time this post was written)

  • “Alfred Hitchcock’s Ghostly Gallery” by Alfred Hitchcock: Immerse yourself in a collection of chilling tales personally curated by the master of suspense himself. Hitchcock’s narrative mastery will keep you enthralled as you journey through a gallery of ghostly stories.
  • “Shimmer” by Alyson Noël: Explore the supernatural with Alyson Noël’s “Shimmer,” a modern narrative that intertwines mystery and magic, offering a fresh perspective on the supernatural genre.
  • “Dracula” by Bram Stoker: Return to the origins of vampire lore with Bram Stoker’s classic “Dracula.” This timeless tale of the undead remains a masterpiece of gothic horror that continues to captivate readers.
  • “The Face of Death” by Cody McFadyen: Cody McFadyen’s “The Face of Death” is a heart-pounding thriller that seamlessly blends the supernatural with suspense, offering a gripping journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche.
  • “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy: Step into a post-apocalyptic world of despair and survival in Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” This haunting narrative explores the human condition in a world devoid of hope.
  • “Hater” by David Moody: Dive into a world on the brink of chaos as ordinary people turn into homicidal “Haters” in David Moody’s gripping novel. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat with its suspenseful storytelling.
  • “Watchers” by Dean R. Koontz: Dean R. Koontz’s “Watchers” is a thrilling blend of science fiction and the supernatural. Join the adventure featuring an intelligent dog and a government experiment gone awry.
  • “The Darkest Evening of the Year” by Dean R. Koontz: In this thrilling tale, Dean R. Koontz weaves a story of love, mystery, and the unexplainable that unfolds on a dark winter’s night.
  • “Dark Secrets: The Back Door of Midnight” by Elizabeth Chandler: Elizabeth Chandler’s young adult novel explores the supernatural and hidden secrets within a small town, combining mystery with elements of the paranormal.
  • “The Fog” by James Herbert: Experience the eerie and atmospheric horror of James Herbert’s “The Fog.” This supernatural thriller will envelop you in a chilling mist of suspense.
  • “The Survivor” by James Herbert: James Herbert’s “The Survivor” is a haunting tale of the unexplained, offering a captivating exploration of the supernatural.
  • “Bird Box” by Josh Malerman: Enter a world of terror where a mysterious presence drives people to madness in Josh Malerman’s “Bird Box.” This gripping novel is a masterclass in psychological horror.
  • “X-Files: Ground Zero” by Kevin J. Anderson: Join Mulder and Scully in “X-Files: Ground Zero” as they investigate unexplained phenomena in this gripping addition to the X-Files series.
  • “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley: Return to the classic tale of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley, the foundational work of science fiction and horror literature.
  • “Silent Treatment” by Michael Palmer: Michael Palmer’s “Silent Treatment” is a medical thriller with a supernatural twist, offering a unique blend of suspense and the unexplained.
  • “The Spellgrinders Apprentice” by N. M. Browne: N. M. Browne’s fantasy novel explores the mystical world of spellcasters, providing an enchanting journey filled with magic and wonder.
  • “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with the Merry Men & Other Stories” by Robert Louis Stevenson: Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless exploration of duality and darkness in “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” remains a cornerstone of classic literature.
  • “Bag of Bones” by Stephen King: Stephen King’s “Bag of Bones” is a supernatural thriller that delves into themes of grief, the supernatural, and the secrets hidden within a small town.
  • “Insomnia” by Stephen King: Explore the intersection of insomnia and the supernatural in Stephen King’s enthralling tale, where a sleepless protagonist becomes entangled in otherworldly events.
  • “The Green Mile” by Stephen King: Follow the supernatural journey of death row inmate John Coffey in Stephen King’s “The Green Mile,” a powerful exploration of compassion, justice, and the unexplained.
  • “It” by Stephen King: Stephen King’s epic “It” introduces readers to the malevolent entity Pennywise the Clown and the group of friends who confront this supernatural terror over the course of their lives.
  • “The Stand” by Stephen King: Stephen King’s apocalyptic epic “The Stand” takes readers on a harrowing journey through a world devastated by a supernatural plague, highlighting the enduring struggle between good and evil.
  • “The Dead Zone” by Stephen King: Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone” offers a supernatural twist on the life of a man who awakens from a coma with psychic abilities, delving into themes of fate and destiny.
  • “Hannibal” by Thomas Harris: Join the enigmatic Hannibal Lecter in this iconic psychological thriller that explores the depths of the human mind and the boundary between good and evil.

September Theme – Mystery

A detective reading in a library

As the leaves begin to change and a touch of crispness fills the air, there’s no better time to curl up with a captivating mystery book that will transport you to a world of intrigue, suspense, and uncharted territories of the mind. September brings with it an aura of enigma, making it the perfect month to explore the shelves of our mystery selection at StrangeBooks and embark on a journey into the fascinating realm of mystery literature. From classic whodunits to modern psychological thrillers, our curated collection of mystery books is bound to keep you turning pages well into the night. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind the allure of mystery books.

Mystery books have an uncanny ability to captivate readers, drawing them into a web of uncertainty and suspense. The thrill of trying to decipher puzzles, piece together clues, and unravel hidden truths makes mystery novels an irresistible choice for readers seeking an intellectual challenge and an adrenaline rush. Whether it’s the allure of solving a perplexing crime or navigating through the twists and turns of a psychological thriller, mystery books offer a unique and engaging reading experience that keeps readers hooked from the first page to the last.

No exploration of mystery literature is complete without a nod to classic whodunits that paved the way for the genre’s popularity. Agatha Christie’s iconic detective Hercule Poirot is one of the brilliant sleuths who has become synonymous with solving intricate puzzles. Additionally, the captivating narratives crafted by Ruth Rendell have left an indelible mark on the genre, offering readers the chance to unravel mysteries through her unique storytelling. Dive into the works of these masters and experience the thrill of deduction as you follow along with their brilliant minds, piecing together clues and motives in tales that have stood the test of time.

While the classics remain timeless, the mystery genre has evolved to encompass a diverse range of sub-genres and narrative styles. From psychological thrillers that delve into the depths of the human psyche to cozy mysteries set in quaint villages, modern mystery authors have pushed the boundaries of the genre in exciting new ways. Discover contemporary authors like Frederick Forsyth, John Grisham, and Patricia Cornwell, who skilfully blend suspense and psychological exploration, leaving readers questioning their own perceptions of reality.

Mystery books not only challenge our intellect but also offer a window into unexplored realms of society, psychology, and culture. Through the lens of mystery, authors often delve into the complexities of human behaviour, societal norms, and the darkness that lurks beneath the surface. By immersing yourself in mystery novels, you can gain fresh perspectives on the intricacies of the human condition and explore uncharted territory that mirrors the enigmas of our own lives.

This September, we invite you to step into the shoes of brilliant detectives, amateur sleuths, and intrepid investigators as you venture into the captivating world of mystery literature. Here at StrangeBooks we offer a curated selection of mystery books that span the ages and encompass a myriad of themes, styles, and narrative approaches. Whether you’re a seasoned mystery enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, there’s no better time to unlock the secrets, solve the riddles, and embark on a journey that promises to challenge your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mystery books are a doorway to a world of suspense, intrigue, and intellectual stimulation. As you explore the depths of our curated collection this September, allow yourself to become entangled in the enigma, to question, to deduce, and to experience the thrill of unraveling secrets alongside unforgettable characters. Whether you find yourself immersed in a classic whodunit or a modern psychological puzzle, the allure of mystery is sure to leave you craving more. And here’s an extra incentive: to celebrate the theme of mystery this month, all mystery books in our online secondhand bookshop come with an exclusive ten percent discount for September only. So, grab a cup of your favourite beverage, find a cozy nook, and prepare to be transported into the mesmerising realm of mystery literature. Happy reading!

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