A Daughter’s Return - Josephine Cox



Will one woman find the answers she so desperately craves?

When Florence Stanville moves to Guisethorpe on the east coast of England, the townsfolk are intrigued by the beautiful stranger who always keeps to herself.

Cherished memories have drawn her back to the place where she spent a happy time with her beloved late mother as a young girl. All these years later. Florence can only snatch at half-remembered moments and shadowy figures in her dreams.

As Florence is drawn into the lives of her new neighbours. the layers of her own life are revealed, though not everyone wishes her well. Far from finding peace, Florence has found turmoil and secrets. Can she put the pieces of her childhood together. or will it remain a closed book forever?

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A Daughter’s Return by Josephine Cox

In an excellent condition with no creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Josephine Cox