A Wing and a Prayer - Graham Nown



Fear of flying: it’s a phobia most of us wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. Graham Nown tackles the subject head-on, revealing the truly extraordinary effect flight can have on man and beast.

Witness the plight of Drusus, the stud billygoat whose performance drooped lamentably after the RAF began practice flights over his field … Contemplate the embarrassment of the passenger whose last-minute dash to answer the call of nature caused a Boeing 707 to delay landing as it circled Heathrow, awaiting developments… Or share the bemusement of passengers informed by the stewardess that they were travelling at 22,000 mph at a height of 620 feet…

A WING AND A PRAYER features a dazzling variety of airborne eccentrics – drunken blonde streakers, malignant vultures, flying mice and manic pilots, to name but a few.

Take it on your next flight, and you’ll be so busy laughing you won’t notice when the plane goes into a nose-dive …

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A Wing and a Prayer by Graham Nown

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