Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tales - Robin Mitchell

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Adam Lyal is fast becoming one of Edinburgh’s most famous characters. No mean feat considering he was executed for highway robbery in the city’s Grassmarket on the 27th March 1811.

His book comes to us 177 years after his demise and is based on his well-known nightly Old Town ‘Witchery’ walking tour. Inside you will find many authentic stories from Edinburgh’s long and gory past. There are dark accounts of violence and crime, vivid descriptions of hangings and executions, information on plagues and disasters, and finally haunting tales of witchcraft and the supernatural.

As on his tour, Mr Lyal uses these stories to bring some of the character and atmosphere of the Old Town back to life. Visitors and locals alike are sure to enjoy the dark and wild side of Edinburgh’s history in Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tales

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Adam Lyal’s Witchery Tales: The Darker Side of Old Edinburgh by Robin Mitchell

In a very good condition. Some creasing to the spine or cover. See photos for more details.

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Robin Mitchell