An Angel Walked Beside Me - Joan Charles

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Lucy’s brother, who had died of leukaemia when she was only a toddler, was there beside her. He had been beside her all of her life in one form or another, and, as we chatted further, she told me of the many times that he had clearly been communicating with her.

Joan Charles has had a gift all her life – she can communicate with spirits and angels. She uses her gift to comfort those in need, and on this journey she has witnessed the amazing psychic powers that many children hold.

This amazing collection of stories tells of the children on both planes, who use their talents to help their families and loved ones:

The little girl with a golden-winged ‘invisible friend’

The mother who was saved from a life-threatening illness by a message from her child, who had passed away many years before

The woman who yearned for a child, who learned a baby boy was waiting for her, and fell pregnant just months later

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An Angel Walked Beside Me: Amazing true stories of children with special gifts by Joan Charles

In an excellent condition. Some creasing to the spine and a light mark on the front cover. See photos for more details.

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