Beginner’s Luck Guide For Non-Runners - George Anderson

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Are you a complete beginner at running who wants to finally learn how to do it? Did you skive PE whenever it was time for cross country? Do you find that you get out of breath really quickly whenever you’ve tried to run in the past?

Deciding to learn how to run takes guts, as you embark on a journey that you are confident will involve a large degree of discomfort. You may have tried and failed in the past to make running stick, but never the less you are determined to master it.

You may tell yourself that “running is hard”, or “I’m just not a runner”, but the truth is that anybody can learn to run if they have the right approach.
You will likely have many questions; “how do I build up my running distance?”, “how do I stay motivated to run?”, “how do I warm up and cool down?”.

All of these and more are covered off within the pages of this book along with a step by step guide to building up your running to 60 minutes.

There is more to learning how to run than just going out and seeing how far you can go three days a week. Some people will undoubtedly have success with this method, but for most beginner runners it takes a little more guidance and support to truly master the art of running.

More and more beginners are deciding to take their first steps and learn how to run. Races are popping up all over the place geared towards beginner runners and it remains one of the most accessible sports around.

Learning how to run should be a fun and rewarding experience in itself, not just a means to achieve a goal. Beginner’s Luck is a complete program that teaches you everything you need to build your confidence as a runner.

The program itself removes the pressure of having to stick rigidly to a set rate of progress, and instead allows you to progress at your own pace.

If you are a beginner runner who would like to learn how to run for up to an hour AND surprise yourself as to how easy it really is, get Beginner’s Luck and start out on your journey today.

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Beginner’s Luck Guide For Non-Runners: Learn to Run from Scratch to an Hour in 10 Weeks by George Anderson

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