Carrie’s War - Nina Bawden



Nick was frightened of ogres and spiders and crabs and cold water and the dentist and dark nights, but he wasn’t often frightened of people. And he wasn’t afraid of Mr Evans, even after that first dreadful night, because Mr Evans had false teeth that clicked when he talked.

Bombs were falling on London. Carrie and Nick were wartime evacuees billeted in Wales on old Mr Evans, who was a bit of an ogre, and his timid mouse of a sister. Their friend Albert was luckier, living in Druid’s Bottom with Hepzibah Green and the strange Mister Johnny, and Carrie and Nick were happy to visit him there, until Carrie did a terrible thing, the worst thing she ever did in her life …

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Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

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Nina Bawden