Daddy’s Little Girl - Julia Latchem-Smith

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Julia’s family was a picture of respectability. To the outside world it was middle class, decent, loving. But her mother didn’t love her enough. And her father loved her too much.

Between the ages of eight and thirteen, Julia’s father sexually abused her. Loyal to her family, and desperate to keep it intact, the abuse had to become their little secret. Even as Julia struggled to come to terms with her ordeal, she knew that revealing the truth would rip her family apart.

When she finally cried out for help, she was encouraged to retract her allegations and branded a liar. In her teenage years, she began to doubt her own sanity. Had the abuse really happened? Her father couldn’t have done that … could he?

This is the harrowing story of how Julia’s father abused her trust, and cheated her of her childhood. But it is also the uplifting story of how, years later, Julia successfully confronted her painful past and began to carve out for herself a meaningful future.

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Daddy’s Little Girl by Julia Latchem-Smith

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Julia Latchem-Smith