Diddly Squat – A Year on the Farm - Jeremy Clarkson

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Welcome to Clarkson’s farm.

It’s always had a nice ring to it. Jeremy just never thought that one day his actual job would be ‘a farmer’.

And, sadly, this doesn’t mean he’s any good at it.

From buying the wrong tractor (Lamborghini, since you ask…) to formation combine harvesting, getting tied up in knots of red tape to chasing viciously athletic cows, our hero soon learns that enthusiasm alone might not be enough.

Jeremy may never succeed in becoming master of his land – but, as he’s discovering, the fun lies in the trying..

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Diddly Squat – A Year on the Farm by Jeremy Clarkson

In an excellent condition with just minimal creasing to the spine.  See photos for more details.

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Jeremy Clarkson