Dream Catcher - Iris Gower

Paperback - Very Good Condition


The wedding of Linos Savage, the beautiful young saviour of the Savage Pottery, and the fascinating Joe Mainwaring has set the small sea front town of Swansea ablaze with gossip. Joe, the son of a native American squaw and a wealthy British businessman, was always perceived by the Swansea élite as a foreigner and an outsider.

When Llinos’s father dies after a long illness Llinos is devastated, but her grief turns to fear when Joe is accused of his father-in-laws murder and is incarcerated inside the walls of the castle along with thieves and debtors. There, among the filth and dirt, Joe makes friends with a wise old man, and this brief friendship, formed in the most ill-fated circumstances, sets in train a series of events which unexpectedly threaten to destroy the marriage and the very lives of Joe and Linos.

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Dream Catcher by Iris Gower

In a very good condition with a slight mark on the top of the cover. See photos for more details.

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Iris Gower