Easter Uncut - Carl Laferton



Loyalty. Betrayal. Love. Desertion. Dreams. Nightmares. Hope.

Chances are that when you think about Easter, those aren’t the words that cone to mind, Easter is a strange mixture of the cute (bunnies and eggs), and the brutal (a show trial and execution). It’s hard to wrestle both into the same story, so we tend to focus on the fluffy and cut out the gripping.

This book doesn’t. Ignoring the bunnies, it retells the story of one of the most enthralling weeks in history, through the eyes of a man who saw it all. You’ll see not only what really happened at the first Easter, but how these events can transform your life, your hopes and your future.

This book isn’t cute it’s real. Welcome to Easter. Uncut.

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Easter Uncut by Carl Laferton

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