For All Their Lives - Fern Michaels



When Casey Adams and Mac Carlin meet in San Francisco, it is a chance encounter that neither one of them is going to forget. They discover a love too powerful to ignore – a feeling they have been searching for all their lives.

Fate throws them together when they are reunited in Vietnam. Mac is risking his life as an officer on the Ho Chi Minh trail and Casey is an army nurse tending the thousands of wounded soldiers. They snatch every opportunity they can to be together and, whilst war rages around them they fall deeply in love.

But Mac has not told Casey about his marriage, or that Alice, his social-climbing wife, is pregnant with another man’s child. Having planned to get a divorce, on his return to America, he cannot bear to hurt Casey unnecessarily. Then disaster strikes and the only thing that Mac has ever really loved seems lost to him for ever…

For All Their Lives is a passionate love story of heartache and hope, of a love torn and tortured by the horrors of war, and of two people destined to be together but forced to live apart.

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For All Their Lives by Fern Michaels

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