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H.M.S. Suprise follows the variable fortunes of Captain Jack Aubrey’s career in Nelson’s navy as he attempts to hold his ground against admirals, colleagues and the enemy, accepting a commission to convey a British ambassador to the East Indies. The voyage takes him and his friend, Stephen Maturin to the strange sights and smells of the Indian subcontinent, and through the archipelago of islands where the French have near overwhelming superiority.

Rarely has a novel managed to convey more vividly the fragility of a sailing ship in a wild sea. Rarely has a historical novelist combined action and lyricism of style in the way that O’Brian does. His superb sense of place, brilliant characterisation and a vigour and joy of writing lifts O’Brian above any but the most exalted of comparisons.

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HMS Surprise by Patrick O’Brian

In a very good condition with some very light creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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