Homoeopathy: Evergreen Medicine – Jewel in the Medical Crown - Ronald Livingston

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In view of the current blossoming popularity of the subject, another personal, but highly individual, testimony to Homeopathy and to its founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, will be a welcome addition to the library of the serious student of the philosophy and practice of this holistic system of therapy.

This book has been hailed as a major work by the late Professor Hugh Sinclair, President of the McCarrison Society and Medical Director of the International Nutrition Foundation. It is well structured, concise and condensed into a comprehensive bird’s eye panorama of the contribution that Homeopathy can make within the context of general medicine. It presents a balanced view of its wide ranging contents in an easily assimilable form.

Part One considers the traditional Hippocratic ethics and philosophy upon which all good medicine depends in both its spiritual and physical dimensions. Separate sections are devoted to subjects such as the making of a true physician, understanding and respect owing to the patient and his or her family, and other vital aspects of human relationships.

Part Two is devoted to the clinical methods peculiar to the practice of Homeopathy in considerable and precise detail, to case history taking and case reports.

Part Three is the mini materia medica culled from the experience and writings of the best of our great clinicians regularly used by the author himself.

Part Four is a summation of the lessons learned by the Author during five decades of patient care, a highly personal testament that forms a fitting epilogue to this thought-provoking book.

The book is well indexed to facilitate easy learning and 1s imaginatively humanised by appropriate quotations from the author’s favourite writers and thinkers. A number of carefully chosen illustrations, three in full colour, enrich the text and underline the wide range of examples taken covering features common to literature, music, the visual arts and cuisine.

The book is a joy to read for both beginners and experienced members of the medical profession. Laymen anxious to help their fellow men, women, children and animals will find much food for thought in these eminently readable pages.

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Homoeopathy: Evergreen Medicine – Jewel in the Medical Crown by Ronald Livingston.

In a very good condition. All pages clean and intact and dust jacket is free from creasing and tears. There is an inscription from the author inside the front cover.  See photos for more details.

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First Edition, Signed Edition




Ronald Livingston