How to Lose Weight Without Being Miserable - Richard Templar



So, you’ve decided it’s time to lose some weight?

Good for you. Most of us know we need to lose that excess weight, both to look better and for the sake of our health. But you shouldn’t have to feel downhearted while you’re doing it – and that’s where this book comes in.

It isn’t a diet. It doesn’t have recipes. It won’t make you spend hours laboriously weighing your food. And sadly, no, we haven’t discovered the secret to eating fry-ups and pudding and staying slim (sorry).

Instead, this book delivers a collection of simple, common-sense principles that you can use alone or apply to any diet in order to make it more effective.

These principles come from Richard Templar’s years of trying many diets, before finally realising that slim people don’t just eat differently, they think differently too. He studied their tricks and strategies, and, by following these simple ideas, he found a way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Filled with his usual mix of wit and wisdom, with just a dash of irreverent humour, this clever book not only gives you tips on how to work with your mind to lose weight, but also gives you very practical everyday things you can do to keep temptation at bay, eat sensibly and maintain your ideal weight – without having to feel miserable in the process.

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How to Lose Weight Without Being Miserable by Richard Templar

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