How to Win: Lessons from the Premier League - The Secret Footballer

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What separates the good from the truly great players? How do football managers get the best out of their team? How do you come back from a crushing defeat to win?

In an inspirational, funny and thought-provoking new book, The Secret Footballer teams up with The Secret Psychologist to crack the secrets of success and share with us the tricks and tips that keep the top players at the top of their game. Exploring the winning mindset from confidence to concentration, exposing the successes, the failures and the frauds, this book will shock and entertain. And while most of us will never dribble like Messi or strike like Suarez, we can learn to think like them.

How To Win is the thinking fan’s handbook for those who want to win. At football or at life.

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How to Win: Lessons from the Premier League by The Secret Footballer

In an excellent condition with no creasing to the cover or spine. See photos for more details.

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