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From the internationally renowned author of Fine Things and Wanderlust comes her newest bestseller, Kaleidoscope, the story of three sisters separated by fate, and the man destined to help them find each other again.

Kaleidoscope is the story of Sam and Solange. Sam Walker came back from the front lines of World War II, bringing with him his exquisite French war bride. Their love began like a fairy-tale but it would end with sudden shattering tragedy.

Kaleidoscope is the story of Hilary, the eldest of the Walker children. Tragically orphaned by the age of nine, she clung desperately to her two sisters—five-year old Alexandra and baby Megan. But before the year was out, they too would be wrenched from her, each taken to a separate adoptive home. Cut off from every loving source, Hilary swore she would one day confront the man who had destroyed her family, and find her beloved sisters again.

Kaleidoscope is the story of Alexandra— beautiful, shy, gentle. Living in France, married to a man whose greatest pride is his pedigree, she must risk everything to confront a dark, forgotten past.

Kaleidoscope is the story of Megan, too young to have remembered anything beyond the life she has always believed to be her own. Yet, her birth is the secret that has driven Hilary through a lifetime of heart-breaking loss and heartless ambition.

Kaleidoscope becomes the story of John Chapman-lawyer, prestigious private investigator-the man chosen to find the three sisters. The labyrinthine trail will lead him to Paris, New York and Boston and finally to a house in Connecticut where three sisters must face each other and the final, most devastating secret of all.

Kaleidoscope is a novel filled with pain and compassion, brimming with characters who will make you weep, laugh, and cry out with joy.

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Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel (Book Club Edition)

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