Lucifer - Mike Carey

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Since resigning his throne and abandoning his kingdom, Lucifer Morningstar has filled his days supervising a considerably reduced staff or Lux. Los Angeles most elite piano bar. The arrival of a once-in an eternity job offer, however, is about to put on end to his quiet retirement

The contract comes straight from the Creator Himself, and if he successfully completes the task the former lord of Hell can name his own price. Bur negotiating this particular razors edge between opportunity and catastrophe will require all of his legendary subtlety and will — and no small amount of sacrifice.

For his part, the Lightbringer is prepared to risk everything to win the power of Heaven’s reward. The Devil’s hands have been idle long enough.

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Lucifer (Book One) by Mike Carey

In a very good condition. See photos for more details.

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Mike Carey