Memories of Midnight - Sidney Sheldon

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Book Club Edition


In The Other Side of Midnight

Sidney Sheldon created one of his most unforgettable characters:

Constantin Demiris, billionaire, art lover, womanizer… and killer. To Noelle, the woman who betrayed him, and Larry, the man who stole her, Demiris brought a chilling retribution.

Now, in Memories of Midnight, he confronts the problem of someone else he believes has stayed alive too long.

Greece, 1948. In the seclusion of a remote convent a young woman emerges from the trauma of memory loss. To Catherine Alexander, Larry’s widow, Demiris seems a benefactor, the man who helps her build a life again. She knows that Larry and Noelle are dead but not who was responsible. Nor that Demiris’ desire for revenge is unquenched; that there is a last, unsilenced victim.

In this atmosphere of deception, Catherine’s move to London seems just another example of Demiris’ good nature. Set down in a strange and unsettling environment she cannot guess the fate her benefactor has in store, or that her life is inextricably bound up with other victims of his mighty ego.

Moving from the exotic shores of the Mediterranean to post-war London, Memories of Midnight is the compelling portrayal of one woman’s fight against a terrifying destiny. Sidney Sheldon’s genius as a master storyteller has never been more powerfully displayed.

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Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon (Book Club Edition)

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