Mercury - Ben Bova

Paperback - Very Good Condition


The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury is an airless, heat-scorched world where temperatures rise to four times higher than the boiling point of water.

But this vision of hell is also a planet with unlimited solar power – worth a fortune to the space tycoon Saito Yamagata if he can find a way to harness it. He has hired the enigmatic Dante Alexios to establish a research station on the surface of the planet and find a way to turn that solar energy into portable power satellites.

But Yamagata is secretly preparing the way to a very different dream: he wants to travel to the stars themselves. And Alexios has his own obsession, a plot to lure an old enemy to this hellhole of a world and take his revenge for one of the worst disasters in human history.

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Mercury by Ben Bova

In an excellent condition. Some light creasing to the spine and cover. See photos for more details.

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