No One Listened - Alex Kerr, Isobel Kerr

Paperback - Very Good Condition


‘There must have been a lot of blood splattered around inside as they were determined to keep me out. Someone took a firm hold of my arm and helped me into the back of the car next to Alex, locking the doors so I couldn’t clamber back out.

I had Alex to think about now. Mum had always said she knew I would be able to look after him if she went away, so that was what I must do.

We only had each other left.’

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No One Listened: Two children caught in a tragedy with no one else to trust except for each other by Isobel and Alex Kerr

In an excellent condition with a crease and markings on the back cover. See photos for more details.

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Alex Kerr, Isobel Kerr