People Like Us - Louise Fein

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Leipzig, 1930s

Hetty Heinrich is a perfect German child. Her father is an SS officer, her brother in the Luftwaffe, herself a member of the BDM. She believes resolutely in her country, and the man who runs it.

Until Walter changes everything. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, perfect in every way Walter. He’s the boy who saved her life. He’s also a jew. In the country they both call home, antisemitism is growing by the day, and neighbours, friends and family members are turning on one another. Walter is everything Hetty has been told to hate. But he is everything she’s begun to love.

Hetty will have to risk everything to save Walter, even if it means sacrificing herself…

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People Like Us by Louise Fein

In an excellent condition. Some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Louise Fein