Replenish the Earth - Anna Jacobs



Brought together by circumstance, will they fall for each other?

It is 1735. When her mother dies, Sarah Mortonby is shocked to discover she has inherited a wealthy estate. Advised to sell the crumbling manor house to her neighbour, Matthew Sewell, she decides to keep it instead. Sewell is furious – and he is a man known for getting his own way, no matter the cost.

Unable to manage the land alone, and desperately needing help, Sarah proposes to her bailiff, Will Pursley – himself recently thrown off his farm by Sewell’s thugs. Will the oppressed villagers help them save the estate, or will they be cowed by Sewell’s threats?

And can the fondness growing between Will and Sarah turn into love?

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Replenish the Earth by Anna Jacobs

In a very good condition. Slight creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Anna Jacobs