Roma - Steven Saylor

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An epic novel of ancient Rome, the city and its people

Roma is the story of the ancient city of Rome, from its mythic beginnings as a campsite along a trade route to its emergence as the centre of the most extensive, powerful empire in the ancient world. Critically acclaimed historical novelist Steven Saylor tells the epic saga of a city and its people, its rise to prominence among the city-states of the area and, ultimately, dominance over the entire ancient Western world.

From the tragedy of Coriolanus to the Punic Wars and the invasion by Hannibal; the triumph, then murder, of Julius Caesar; and the rise, then decline, of the Roman Republic and the beginnings of Imperial Rome, Saylor’s breathtaking novel brings to vivid life the most famous city of the ancient world.

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Roma by Steven Saylor

In a very good condition. No creasing to the spine but a light crease on the front cover. See photos for more details.

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