Rules Of Engagement - Tim Collins

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From the moment Tim Collins’s speech to his men in Iraq was made public, this soldier and thinker became a hero and an inspiration to world leaders and infantrymen alike. To a public suspicious about the motives for war, he offered some explanation for it and inspired a mood of optimism and humanity that has since been sadly lost. And yet, only two months later Collins was pilloried by two national newspapers and accused of war crimes. But this is only part of his story. From taking command of 1 Royal Irish in the aftermath of the Sierra Leone hostage crisis to combating the Loyalist murder gangs in East Tyrone, Rules of Engagement is a powerful memoir that offers a frank and compelling insight into the realities of warfare and a life lived on the frontline.

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Rules Of Engagement: A Life In Conflict by Tom Collins

In a very good condition. There is some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Tim Collins