Single Mother on the Verge - Maria Roberts

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Maria is twenty-nine years old. She is a single mother and lives on a council estate in Manchester. She’s also a chronic day-dreamer. One day she’d like to marry a beautiful man with a huge income to look after her and Jack, her nine-year-old son.

The only problem is that her current boyfriend, Rhodri, a chickpea-loving vegan eco-warrior, has turned his back on career ladders. Neither does he believe in monogamy. And so Maria finds herself unexpectedly juggling one, two, three lovers . . .

When Damien, Jack’s abusive father, who threatened more times than Maria cares to remember to kill her makes an unwelcome reappearance, she gets a wake-up call. Will Maria find a wonderful father figure for Jack by the time she turns thirty?

A surprisingly humorous memoir with heartbreaking and unexpected moments, Single Mother on the Verge is a seductive and extremely touching read.

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Single Mother on the Verge by Maria Roberts

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Maria Roberts