Sisters - Suzanne Goodwin

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Americans and New Zealanders, Free French and Poles – they were all attracted to the Tyrell girls. There was Elaine, the strong and sensible one; the war was only a few weeks old when she married the man she adored – who became that most dangerous of all things, a submariner. Then there was Philippa, romantic and caring, who toppled in and out of love like a child learning to walk. And there was Trix, the youngest, a devil-may-care butterfly who danced through the Blitz with a whole squadron of American airmen in hot pursuit.

Free spirits all, the three sisters longed for an end to the miseries of wartime, for a time when there would be no rationing and blackouts, no terrifying nights huddled under the table, no agonized waiting for telegrams they hoped would never arrive.

But each in her own way had learned to live for the moment as well – not just for its own sake, but because she could never be sure that the man in her arms would still be alive tomorrow …

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Sisters by Suzanne Goodwin

In an excellent condition. There is some light creasing to the spine and cover. See photos for more details.

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Suzanne Goodwin