Slippery Tipples - Joseph Piercy

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From European favorites such as Mastichato Chios, which saved 2,000 Greeks from a bloody massacre at the hands of vengeful Turks, to legendary drinks such as Amarula, invented by African elephants; from classic cocktail ingredients like Midori, the bright green Japanese melon drink launched at the wrap party for Saturday Night Fever at Studio 54, to student stalwart Jagermeister, dreamt up by a confidant of Herman Goring and hugely popular among senior Nazis, Slippery Tipples tells the stories behind the world’s most extraordinary drinks. Alongside a country-by-country guide to murky and mysterious booze and dozens of cocktail recipes is a series of easy to follow recipes for making your own liqueurs and spirits. If you would like to concoct your own fruit brandies or make a drop of traditional full-strength Pimms then this is the book for you.

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Slippery Tipples: A Guide to Weird and Wonderful Spirits and Liqueurs by Joseph Piercy

In a very good condition. No creases to the spine or cover. See photos for more details.

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Joseph Piercy