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An inspiring exercise program created by Judith Sherman-Wolin, exercise specialist at the UCLA Center for Nutrition.

You’ve probably been dieting and exercising—or trying to—your entire life. You lose the weight; you gain it back. Or you lose most of the weight, but can’t get those last stubborn 5 to 10 pounds to budge an inch. Or you exercise like mad, but still, the butt’s a little saggy, the arm’s a little flabby, and the belly’s a little droopy. Why don’t you have the body you always wanted? You may not know the real secrets of strength training and the magic of dumbbells. Judith Sherman-Wolin, exercise specialist at the UCLA Center for Nutrition, has developed a fast and easy dumbbell program that you can do at home and set up for less than it costs to go to a gym every month. You won’t look like Arnold Schwarzenegger (who wants to anyway?) but you will watch your butt shrink, your abs flatten, and your arm muscles lengthen and firm. Say “hello” to your bikini and all those sleeveless tops you dreaded wearing when the weather got too hot to stay covered. All you need is the motivation, and this book will keep you psyched. In Smart Girls Do Dumbbells you’ll learn:    • the complete 30-minute, 30-day, 30-way, start-to-finish program
• how to melt away those stubborn pounds you’ve been trying to lose your entire adult life
• how you can shape a body that burns more calories, even while you’re plopped on the couch
• inexpensive ways to build your own dumbbell gym
• Judith’s bonus ab-flattening recipes
Work out smarter, not harder. All it takes is 30 minutes for a leaner, healthier, sexier body!

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Smart Girls Do Dumbbells: Develop the Leanest Healthiest Sexiest Body You’ve Ever Had in 30 Minutes 30 Days 30 Ways by Judith Sherman-Wolin

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Judith Sherman-Wolin