Sweet Nothing - Nicole Mowbray

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Two years ago, Nicole Mowbray said goodbye to sugar. It transformed her life, her body, her relationships and her health.

High-sugar diets are often the reason for feeling lacklustre. But it’s tough to give up the sweet stuff. Sugar is so entwined with our emotional happiness; sweet things are rewards, pick-me-ups and tokens of celebration. Nicole shines a light on why life minus the sugar can be so much sweeter.

Part guide and part memoir, Nicole shares her journey from the up-and-down life of a sugar bon viveur to a slimmer, healthier woman in control and full of energy. Learn how she did it, why it’s worth it, what to kick and what to keep – with recipes, expert advice and Nicole’s own un-sugarcoated story of going cold sweet turkey.

A life of sweet nothing is a life well lived.

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Sweet Nothing by Nicole Mowbray

In a very good condition with some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Nicole Mowbray