Sweet Rosie - Iris Gower

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Rosie – eighteen, beautiful and vivacious – is in love with Watt Bevan, the manager of the famous Mainwaring Pottery where her mother Pearl works. But Watt is mourning the loss of a former love, and when Pearl falls ill and Watt becomes the protector of the family Rosie realises that her feelings for him are not returned. Meanwhile Linos Mainwaring’s romantic marriage to Joe, the American Indian who stole her heart all those years ago, seems to be in trouble, and Linos – hurt and bewildered by Joe’s apparent neglect – finds the ownership of her family pottery to be increasingly burdensome.

Into all these lives intrudes the troublesome Mrs Sparks, voluptuous wife of the local bank manager. Her scheming involves Linos, Joe and Watt – and when she enmeshes the innocent Rosie in her net the whole future of the pottery looks threatened.

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Sweet Rosie by Iris Gower

In a very good condition. See photos for more details.

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Iris Gower