Telling the Sea - Pauline Fisk

Paperback - Very Good Condition


On the secret beach the tide was up higher than Nona had seen it before. She’d come to tell the sea her troubles, as she always did. The white waves flashed their encouragement ‘Tell us, tell us,’ they urged. But the awful numbness was still there. No words came out. She couldn’t even cry.

‘Wait, wait.. the sea called, as she struggled to her feet. Her boot struck something in the dark. She stooped, and touched the hard cover of a book.

Soon Nona’s troubles are entwined with those of Owen, whose journal she has found. Together, they defy their families, sharing their secret longings and fears. But finally alone Nona faces the trap the Beguiling sea has set for her.

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Telling the Sea by Pauline Fisk

In a very good condition, see photos for more details.

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Pauline Fisk