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What is more congenial than an informal ball in the country? Or more conducive to a declaration of love? All the young gentry of Fraxted village had joined the Dallows at Teverton Hall for an evening of innocent flirtation and flattery. So it was here that young barrister Robert Pavey first spied Silvia Webster, the slim figure in white who stole his heart. And here in this elegant drawing room that Marcia Collins, modest daughter of the local rector, took the first unexpected steps toward an impossible match with George Dallow, oldest son and heir to Teverton Hall. But such romantic attachments can lead to dashed hopes and broken hearts when couples dance a quadrille of manners and marriage in this wonderful social comedy set in Regency England.

Once again Jane Gillespie steps into the world of Jane Austen-this time to continue the story begun in Pride and Prejudice with a new tale complete with all the charm and wry perceptions of the great novelist’s pen.

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Teverton Hall by Jane Gillespie

In a very good condition. Some very light creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Jane Gillespie