The Blue Ice - Hammond Innes



It was midday by the time we got back to the whaling station. Two catchers lay at the quay. And as we landed the winches were clattering and a huge white whale was being dragged up the slipway by its tail. We stood and watched for a moment. It was all strange and exciting. When the winches stopped, the great animal stretched the whole length of the flensing deck.’


George Farnell’s legacy came to light ten years after his disappearance. Two lines of poetry and a lump of mineral ore were all he left. Yet they were enough to send mineral expert Bill Gansert to Norway. But word of Farnell’s findings had already leaked out – and Gansert found himself caught in a maze of ambition and treachery whose roots lay deep in the years of German Occupation. Yet the danger from human enemies would be nothing compared to the blinding snow and the blue ice of Norway’s glacier country.

Classic writing from the master of excitement,

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The Blue Ice by Hammond Innes

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Hammond Innes