The Butterfly Box - Santa Montefiore



Federica Campione adores her father. No matter that Ramon spends months away from their home on the exotic Chilean coast; as soon as he’s back, his daughter has eyes for no one but him. When he gives her a magical box from Peru she believes he will always be there for her.

Devastated when her parents’ marriage falls apart, Federica is forced to set up home in Cornwall with her mother – the butterfly box is the only part of her beloved father she is able to take with her. Embraced by the eccentric Appleby family, she loses her heart to their son Sam, who barely notices the little girl until it is too late.

As she grows to womanhood, Federica attempts to recapture that long-forgotten sense of security in the arms of the debonair Torquil Jensen. But it takes her years of heartbreak to escape her gilded cage and learn the true lesson of the butterfly box.

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The Butterfly Box by Santa Montefiore

In a very good condition with no creasing to the spine or cover. See photos for more details.

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Santa Montefiore