The China Card - John Ehrlichman

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Based on the premise that, from the very beginning of the Nixon administration, the Chinese had planted a ‘mole’ among the President’s closest advisors, THE CHINA CARD is a compelling novel of political and international intrigue.

Recruited as a junior lawyer by Nixon, Matthew Thompson becomes the go-between whose missions to Communist China, where he meets Mao and Zhou and Chou En-lai, lay the ground for Kissinger’s and Nixon’s visits. But is he really what he seems to be? Kissinger and Haig believe he is secretly manipulating Nixon against them.

Fantastic? Perhaps. But in the hands of John Ehrlichman, who was one of Richard Nixon’s closest advisors, THE CHINA CARD puts the ‘opening into China’ into a new and shocking perspective.

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The China Card by John Ehrlichman

In a good condition. Some creasing to the spine and cover. All pages are clean and intact.

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John Ehrlichman