The Fandom of the Operator - Robert Rankin

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Gary Cheese is twenty-two. His hobbies include music, girls, TV and the detective novels of the twenticth century’s bestselling novelist, the now legendary P.P. Penrose.

And of course, attempting to reanimate the dead.

He hasn’t been having much luck with that one so far. But now Gary’s got this new job in the telecommunications industry. And, according to this rumour he’s heard, there exists technology that can actually let you speak to the dead. Apparently it’s been in operation for years.

FLATLINE, they called it. As in CHATLINE, but to the dead. But something went very wrong: the dead had certain things to say to the living that the powers that be couldn’t allow to be heard. Gary’s determined to find out the truth. And as Gary’s a bit of a fan boy, he’d also be more than pleased to speak to his hero, the late great Mr Penrose.

Yes, it’s safe to say Gary will have the time of his life when he talks to the dead.

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The Fandom of the Operator by Robert Rankin

In a good condition with some creasing to the spine and cover. There is also a mark on the front cover. All pages are clean and intact. See photos for more details.

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