The five stages of the soul - David Carroll, Harry R Moody

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In midlife many of us, regardless of our worldly success, feel that life is not giving us what we want. But when we come to analyse what it is that we do want, we are not sure. The confidence and idealism that carries us through the first half of our lives often gives way to emptiness and confusion as we get older.

This is the first book to explore the specific stages of spiritual awakening that we go through as we age – from midlife crisis and the search for inner purpose – to the true happiness and fulfilment that can be achieved once we find the path to spiritual wholeness.

Based on extensive research from a leading teacher in the field of aging, this thought-provoking book tells the spiritual experiences and lessons of numerous individuals and draws on psychology and religion to offer guidance and inspiration to those searching to regain a sense of meaning in their lives.

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The five stages of the soul: charting the spiritual passages that shape our lives by Harry R Moody and David Carroll

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David Carroll, Harry R Moody