The LSWR at Nine ELMS - Barry Curl

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The story of the LSWR at Nine Elms has been touched on by a number of authors in the past, all fascinated by the range of products produced by a group of eminent engineers, notably, Adams and Drummond.

None though have had access to such a vast archive of material as is available to Barry Curl, and as a result, the contents of this book will make it highly desirable to the student, enthusiast and modeller.

How the LSWR collection of glass plates came to survive is a fascinating tale in itself, and this is fully recounted within the pages.

Barry Curl has not just used his own material, he has also trawled a number of previously untapped sources with the aim of illustrating almost every type of locomotive built at Nine Elms from the very earliest days.

The result is a unique insight into the locomotive history of a major railway company, largely using material from a hitherto unseen collection.

Planning is also under way for two further volumes in the series, that will continue the story of the LSWR at Eastleigh from 1890 to 1923 and also the Southern Railway at Eastleigh through to 1948. Again a considerable number of previously unseen plates are available together with plans and draw-ings.

“The LSWR at Nine Elms” sets a new standard in locomotive histories, written by a professional engi-neer, and using original technical and historical in-formation.

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The LSWR at Nine ELMS: The Works and Its Products 1830-1909 by Barry Curl

In an excellent condition. Some light creasing to the edges of the dust jacket and a small tear to the bottom. All pages are clean and intact. See photos for more details.

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