The Narrowing Stream - John Mortimer

Paperback - Good Condition


Julia’s life is graceful and well ordered.

Each morning she drives her husband, Swinton, to the station, her three children piled in the back of the car. She waves goodbye, conscious that he has already gone from her.

Then her son sees a strange face in the boathouse.

She hears about a beautiful, dead girl who lived further down the river and was connected somehow with her husband. ^ young man enters her house and asks questions which threaten 10 crumble her carefully created defences.

Julia is suddenly aware of the shifts and changes in her marriage, the unspoken thoughts and frustrated desires.. and the hot, endless day becomes a nightmare from which she is desperate to awake.

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The Narrowing Stream by John Mortimer

In a good condition with some marks on the back cover and page edges. See photos for more details.

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John Mortimer