The Sisterhood - Colin Forbes

Paperback - Very Good Condition


Paula Grey ‘witnesses’ the murder of Norbert Engel, key German statesman, in Vienna. A veiled woman entered and left the building, Is she a member of the insidious Sisterhood?

In a leaderless Europe its few strong men are assassinated.

Tweed fears an Eastern power – not Russia – is planning to take over the Continent. Tracking the mastermind, he suspects Captain Wellesley Carrington, Dorset landowner, his neighbour Amos Lodge, eccentric strategist, and Tina Langley, Carrington’s ‘friend’. In Europe he encounters his one-time associate, Karin Berg, and the wily Frenchwoman, Simone Carnot.

Tension rises. Tweed, Paula and Bob Newman race to Zurich, scene of a new assassination. Another veiled woman was observed leaving the murder location. Tweed’s frenetic pursuit leads to the vast plain east of Vienna, to a strange village + reminding him of a weird Dorset hamlet.

Relentless attempts are made to kill Tweed. He slowly unravels the secret of The Sisterhood. The action switches back to Geneva, into France. The ultimate horrendous clash explodes on the eve of the invasion.

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The Sisterhood by Colin Forbes

In a very good condition. Some creasing to the spine and cover. See photos for more details.

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Colin Forbes