The Vorpal Blade - Colin Forbes



An investigation into a number of horrific and apparently disconnected murders sweeps Tweed across the world.

The Vorpal Blade advances into gripping new territory. Tweed has reverted to his one-time role of Homicide Superintendent at the Yard. He also retains his position as Deputy Director of the SIS. Paula Grey and Bob Newman still assist him.

Tweed has suspicions about the strange Arbogast banking family. Roman, the bank’s owner; his niece, the brilliant Marienetta; his daughter, the volatile Sophie. Wherever they go, the American Vice President follows. Why?

Tweed realises enormous power lies behind the five murders. But it is shrewd, stubborn Paula Grey, risking her life, who eventually tracks down the wielder of the blade. By herself, underground in a remote mountainous zone.

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The Vorpal Blade by Colin Forbes

In an excellent condition with a sticker mark on the front cover. No creasing to the spine or cover. See photos for more details.

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Colin Forbes