The Warlord - Malcolm Bosse

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China, 1927, is the world of The Warlord, a saga as awesome in scale as the land with which it deals, as rich, as varied, as deep, and as brilliant. China in 1927 is emerging turbulently into the modern world, its ancient foundations buckling upward, its surface crossed and criss-crossed by international adventurers and provocateurs and opportunists. Since the expulsion of the Manchu, there has been no real central power in China. General Chang understands the challenges and dangers of change better perhaps than any of the other warlords. He is a man of strict honor and uncompromising principles, as much a scholar as he is a soldier. Tang begins to fear that he can save his country only by countering evil with evil, and at this crucial point a group of foreigners enter his life…….

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The Warlord by Malcolm Bosse

In a good condition. No creasing to the spine but there is some on the front cover along with a sticker mark. See photos for more details.

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Malcolm Bosse