The Watchman’s Daughter - Alexandra Connor



Growing up in Preston’s poorest area, Kate Shaw knows just how harsh life can be. But her family is a loving one, and she’s particularly close to her disabled younger brother. The arrival of a new baby in 1930 should be a joyous occasion – but instead the birth heralds a downturn in the luck of the Shaws.

With her father Jim unfit to do his night watchman rounds, Kate does all she can to help her family survive. But when Andrew Pitt comes into her life, everything changes. Kate’s soon happily in love, and she and Andrew make plans to marry.

Then tragedy strikes and Kate takes the only course she can to protect those who depend on her. Soon the nickname the Watchman’s Daughter becomes infamous in the north west but Kate is determined to find a way out. A way to escape – and to get back the man she loves.

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The Watchman’s Daughter by Alexandra Connor

In a very good condition. Some creasing to the spine. See photos for more details.

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Alexandra Connor