World Famous Crimes of Passion - Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson

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Kiss and kill – the full true stories of the terrifying crimes committed by lovers, when the difference between love and hate and life and death breaks down.

In this startling and compulsive collection, you will learn what drove Ruth Ellis to murder her lover and become the last woman to be hanged in Britain; what gave rise to the sad, horrific tale of Reggie Christie of 10 Rillington Place; how a woman blew up an entire passenger aircraft in order to be revenged on her faithless lover.

These sensational true stories of love, lust and murder reveal the dark heart of passion, and the fury and vengeance released when love turns sour.

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World Famous Crimes of Passion by Colin and Damon Wilson

In a very good condition. See photos for more details.

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Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson