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May Theme

Discover the World Through Books: May’s Travel Theme at StrangeBooks

At StrangeBooks, we’ve always believed that reading is not just a pastime, but a journey. This May, we’re excited to take you on literal journeys with our travel-themed book selections. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who dreams of exploring new places from the comfort of your home, our collection promises adventures from some of the most engaging travel writers out there. Let’s explore the works of Bill Bryson, William Dalrymple, Victoria Hislop, and Michael Palin — each offering unique perspectives on the world.

Bill Bryson: The Humorous Wayfarer

When it comes to travel literature, Bill Bryson is a household name, known for his witty, insightful, and often hilarious accounts of his explorations. A standout in his travelogues is “A Walk in the Woods,” where Bryson takes us along the Appalachian Trail. The book is not just about the challenges and quirks of the trail itself, but also a profound discussion on the history and ecology of the regions he passes through. Bryson’s ability to transform a simple walk into an epic narrative full of humor and reflection makes him a perfect start to our travel-themed month.

William Dalrymple: The Cultural Historian

Next on our journey is William Dalrymple, a writer who delves deep into the heart of history and culture. His book, “In Xanadu,” traces Marco Polo’s path from Jerusalem to Mongolia, offering a rich tapestry of history intertwined with personal experiences. Dalrymple’s work is a compelling mix of travel, history, and storytelling, ideal for readers who enjoy depth and detail in their travel narratives.

Victoria Hislop: Stories from the Mediterranean

Victoria Hislop is renowned for her ability to bring the history and culture of the Mediterranean to life through her novels. In “The Island,” Hislop transports readers to Crete, where she unfolds a family saga set against the backdrop of the small island of Spinalonga, Greece’s former leper colony. Her vivid descriptions and emotional depth invite readers not just to visit different places, but to feel them deeply and understand their pasts.

Michael Palin: The Adventurous Globe-Trotter

Rounding out our list is Michael Palin, whose globe-trotting adventures have been delightfully documented through both his books and television series. In “Sahara,” Palin takes us across the vast and varied landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Through his journey, he encounters the diverse cultures and challenging environments of this expansive region, capturing the essence of the desert and its people with his characteristic charm and curiosity. Palin’s engaging narrative style and adventurous spirit make his works a joy for any travel enthusiast.

Join Us on a Literary Expedition

This month, as you browse through our curated selections at StrangeBooks, we invite you to lose yourself in distant places, meet intriguing characters, and experience the vast beauty of the globe through the eyes of these master storytellers. Whether it’s walking a trail, exploring ancient roads, uncovering the layers of small communities, or circling the globe, each book promises to be a portal to new experiences and insights.

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You can explore a sample of the books available under this month’s theme below. To see the full list and start your journey, click here.

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